Drunk driving Paterson councilman, ‘Just give me a ticket. My uncle is a sheriff’s officer.’ | Paterson Times

Drunk driving Paterson councilman, ‘Just give me a ticket. My uncle is a sheriff’s officer.’


Councilman Shahin Khalique did not want state troopers to charge him with the offense of driving while intoxicated (DWI) when he was pulled over for drunk driving. He told state troopers, “Please don’t give me no DWI, boss.”

Khalique wanted the officers to issue him a citation and let him go. He was ordered out of his car, put in the back of a police vehicle (pictured), and taken to the New Jersey State Police Barracks in Totowa for a sobriety test.

“Just give me a ticket. My uncle is a sheriff’s officer,” Khalique is heard pleading, his voice slurring, with one of the two state troopers.

Khalique has a back-and-forth exchange with an officer who offers him a “rundown” of the next steps.

“What am I getting arrested for, officer?” asks Khalique.

Khalique was charged with intoxicated driving on Don Bosco Avenue in Paterson.

The officer explains to Khalique he is being taken to the station for a breathalyzer test. He explained Khalique would receive a summons if the test showed elevated blood alcohol content.

Khalique continues his exchange with the officer.

“Don’t be a jerk to me now, alright?” a state trooper tells him.

“I’m not, boss,” replies Khalique.

Khalique’s intoxicated driving stop and exchange with the officers appear in a 28-minute dashboard camera video of the incident. A former Khalique supporter sent the video to the Paterson Times on Thursday morning. A state trooper is heard in the video saying Khalique was driving on the wrong side of the road and almost struck a parked vehicle.

The incident took place on Feb. 4, 2010. It was never publicly reported until this year, when the Paterson Times published a story about the incident. The revelation shocked the Bengali community, a predominantly Muslim group, that Khalique counts on for support. Some of Khalique’s political allies have argued the councilman was young and made a mistake. He was 35 years old when the incident took place.

Khalique did not respond to a message for comment on Thursday.

Khalique appeared before the Paterson Municipal Court on Jul. 1, 2010 to plead guilty to the charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI). He paid a $1,091 penalty. His license was revoked for three months, according to Paterson Municipal Court records.

Khalique was elected in 2016.

As he seeks a second term on the City Council, Khalique has lost some of his conservative Muslim supporters because of the drunk driving incident. He is facing two opponents — Frank Filippelli and former councilman Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman — in the May 12 election for the 2nd Ward seat.

Full video of the incident is below:

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  • John Brown

    What vendetta do you have against this guy? How many times have you posted this guys DWI? This news is old. Why dont you go find dirt on all the other the councilmen.

    • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

      There's plenty of dirt to go around, they are all crooks.

  • bigron

    Who is the other person in the car?

    • John Brown

      Mohammed Akhtaruzaman I believe his name was

      • John Brown

        Yup they are both buddies

  • bigron

    What's the name of his uncle?

    • John Brown

      Does it matter? This was 10 years ago. OLD NEWS

      • bigron

        It does to voters. It's news to me. Why does this turd thinks he is above the law because his uncle works for the sheriff office?

      • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

        Of course his DUI doesn't matter, just like Senile Joe fingering a staff member doesn't matter. Why? Because they are Democrat Socialists so they get a pass!

    • John

      Mohammed Husein Barack Obama

  • Paterson Resident

    Paterson residence need to hold these council members accountable. Most of them do not deserve those titles including Jackson. Vote them out until we get what we deserve.

    • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

      Paterson voters are stupid. They continue to get what they deserve.

    • Vindicated

      The corruption is endless in Paterson….<b> prepare for your taxes to be raised once again for this DWI</b></b> from 10 years ago. This place is a joke! Paterson will never prosper, we have nothing to offer….. I will be selling my house for double the price I bought it for to my Arab buddies, they are willing to pay these ridiculous taxes! Plus the house will be PACKED!!!!

  • keymaker

    Yeah yeah he’s a piece of work but it ain’t like the others are better. That right there is nothing compared with all the bullshit the others have done.

  • Feefra Raja

    I hard Akhtaruzzaman cheeting weeth his wife weeth from ledy in Paterson. He is nesty boy 2.i have all these infomation

    • John Brown

      Maybe you should learn how to spell then start talking shit.

  • John

    Muslim community is shocked? In Muslim countries rape off all ages and.gender is widely accepted as normal as no one including the government does anything. Bow over a DWI these Muslims are more ticked off.then a rapist!

  • John

    Is the other guy in car his lover?

  • John

    you should have kept Florio happy and non of this would have been exposed

    • Vindicated


  • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

    So my comment I left a while back was deleted. When independent news starts becoming as bad as mainstream media, it's time for them to go.