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McKoy files in court to stop Mendez from taking office in Paterson


Councilman William McKoy is seeking an injunction from the Passaic County Superior Court to stop councilman-elect Alex Mendez, who has been charged with election and voter fraud, from taking office next week.

Mendez defeated McKoy, a five-term incumbent, in a race that was marred by voter fraud. Mendez is accused of collecting mail-in ballots from voters and knowingly submitting a false voter registration form, according to charges unveiled earlier in the week.

Mendez isn’t alone. Councilman Michael Jackson and two men who worked on councilman Shahin Khalique’s campaign, including his brother, Shelim Khalique, were charged with voter fraud.

“Governor Murphy, Deputy Speaker Wimberly, and Mayor Sayegh have all called on both Mr. Jackson and Mr. Mendez to step aside while these charges are pending. If they do not do so, we are asking the Attorney General to step in and help us prevent the irreparable harm to Paterson that will occur if both men are seated despite the charges against them. They are not accused of something unrelated, like failing to pay their taxes or driving without insurance, but are accused of directly tampering with the very election from which they now seek to benefit,” said McKoy in a statement on Saturday morning. “I am not asking to be given Mr. Mendez’s seat, just that we hold a special election to ensure that we are hearing the voice of the people. Mr. Mendez is free to run and may the best candidate win through a fair competition. If Mr. Jackson and Mr. Mendez are allowed to be sworn in, they will directly benefit from the fraud of which they are accused, which will make a mockery of the system that many have fought and died to protect. Patersonians deserve better.”

McKoy’s attorney Scott Salmon filed in court on Friday to seek the injunction from assignment judge Ernest Caposela.

Mendez could not immediately be reached for comments on Saturday morning.

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  • keymaker

    They need some young people in there. This guy has been a council man for ever and all the city has done is gone downhill. Right now the city is in a really tuff spot and more of this guy is the least the city needs.

    • bigron

      Young doesn't mean getting someone in that cheated to win. No, sir.

      • keymaker

        I’m not siding with Mendez who is also not young if that’s what you’re thinking. The city needs fresh people instead of the same old farts.

        • bigron

          Paterson needs law abiding, decent citizens to take power. Age should not matter.

          • Yogi Zuna

            I can agree with both of you. But unfortunately with higher age, sometimes comes the extra baggage of entrenched corruption.

  • Paterson Resident

    We need people with good morals who aren't greedy and thinking about their pockets.

  • John Brown

    Mckoy is still fighting for the right to carry the Mayors water!

  • Paterson Resident

    I do not see what these long standing council members are doing for the city except throwing parties and charging for food and liquor. It's a shame.

  • http://www.Newjerseypulse.com New Jersey Pulse News Opinions

    Is anyone investigation McKoy for voter fraud after a lot of this votes were rejected including Wimberly and TB Best to top officials.
    They votes have spoken and to remove Mendez because of one voter accusation is to deprive all the voters of their votes.
    The law has to prevail here, not political. I was under the impression that the Prosecutor always says "a charge is only an accusation and the person is innocent until proven guilty."
    If the Attorney General interferes it is clear the corruption in Paterson goes all the way to his office.
    You can assume someone is guilty; until the plead guilty or you allow them Due Process of law.
    That's Paterson for you, set someone up and use your political powers to remove them. SMDH.

    The probably went to Judge Ernest Caposela who favors the Democratic Party's choice but if the use his office as a judge to deprive Mendez for taking office out a trial to prove innocence or guilty he should be charged himself because it's all politics and power.

    • Paterson Resident

      We always appreciate your posts, but please grammar check before posting. You always have valid points!