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Paterson naming fieldhouse after Eastside High School principal lost to Covid-19


Municipal officials are renaming the Bauerle Fieldhouse after former Eastside High School principal Gerald Glisson.

Glisson died of Covid-19 in May.

“He mentored so many young people,” said councilwoman Lilisa Mimms, who spearheaded the effort to rename the fieldhouse after the former principal.

“I know that he was a really strong advocate for children,” said councilwoman Ruby Cotton, who lost her husband, Ed Cotton, to Covid-19.

“He fought for the kids in Paterson. He wanted to make sure that the kids of Paterson got their fair shake on and off the field,” said councilman Al Abdelaziz.

Glisson, who worked as principal of operations at Eastside High School, is mostly known for his so-called Peace Center at the school.

School board members are considering naming the Peace Center at Eastside High School after him.

Glisson was born in Neptune. He later moved to Paterson.

The renaming resolution passed by the City Council on July 21 lists Glisson’s job titles at the school district. It also lists the names of his parents and wife. The resolution states Glisson was a “stellar example of manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplifting his community.”

Glisson was a close friend of assemblyman Benjie Wimberly. Wimberly has has a great deal of influence over both the City Council and the Board of Education. He brokered the deal that let Mimms become the vice president of the council.

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  • John

    Ok so he was principal and died of China Virus. Ok so other then that? Can't Paterson do better?

  • TK Kirkland

    That’s pretty thoughtful. Unfortunately (and eventually…) the building will be scribbled with graffiti and urine stains…

  • Miss jamaica

    Pretty soon every street and building will be name for someone . Someone who have no lasting impact on this city.
    The principal at school 14 passed away I consider him a excellent principal should they change school 14 to name it after the principal, no I don’t think so.
    Paterson should probably try to search for hero among us .
    There are some true one here still.
    This young guy died from covid what was is lasting impact
    We really should make is family grieve as they are still grieving, I believe he was a father, set up some college funds for his children and leave the naming alone.
    Taxpayers are tired of it.