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Paterson suspends controversial construction official for five days

Jerry Lobozzo

The city suspended controversial construction official Gennaro “Jerry” Lobozzo for alleged insubordination, according to multiple sources.

Lobozzo has been suspended for five days. His suspension began on Thursday. Sources said he was directed to devise a permitting process for the city’s in-house demolition program, but did not do so.

Lobozzo did not respond to a message and call for comments for this story.

Both economic development director Michael Powell and Community Improvement director David Gilmore declined to comment citing personnel.

Lobozzo was previously suspended for five days for alleged unbecoming conduct in 2018. He has filed a lawsuit against the city claiming retaliation.

Municipal lawyers in court filings stated Lobozzo’s performance “did not meet” the city’s expectations.

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  • DemocrapSocialistsSuck

    I'll bet he makes a killing off of bribes

  • John

    He is the wrong color for being a Paterson worker. I could only imagine the hell this guy must go through.

  • Plumber

    What happened mayor Asshole got pissed cause the official didn't turn a blind eye to florio's illegal activities
    I can't believe he was suspended for what they say which is bullshit there's more to the story

  • bigron

    Why is this guy smiling? Needs to get his teeth fixed.

  • LocallyGrown

    These expectations would all be completed if the City didn't annually divert millions of construction code fees away from the department and adequately staffed this division.