25 police officers in Paterson will begin wearing bodycams, says Paterson mayor | Paterson Times

25 police officers in Paterson will begin wearing bodycams, says Paterson mayor


Twenty-five police officers will begin wearing bodycams, mayor Andre Sayegh announced on Tuesday morning.

Sayegh had promised to equip police officers with cameras two years ago after the death of Jameek Lowery.

“This was a long time coming,” said Sayegh during a press conference at City Hall. He said the 25 police officers will wear the cameras as part of a 90-day trial. He expects to increase the number of officers with bodycams to 150 if the trial is successful. “People want more transparency, people want more accountability; and today, we’re giving them more transparency and more accountability.”

Paterson has 376 police officers. It is expected to have 415 by the summer.

Members of the City Council approved a five-year contract worth $581,829 for 150 bodycams last January. At the time, former police chief Troy Oswald outlined a plan that would have 150 officers wearing bodycams by March of last year. Sayegh ousted him before he could implement his plan.

“This is building trust and legitimacy with the community. And this is a good thing,” said public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Speziale said the bodycams protect both police officers and members of the public.

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  • Truth Serum

    What took so long? Meanwhile there were police involved shootings, raids and other police activity that took place where the police body cameras would have been helpful. Where are this Mayor's priorities? Helping the people of Paterson is surely not one of them. Murders have skyrocketed, the unemployment rate is high, the poverty rate is high, the education system is failing our children, COVID-19 testing has been cut, yet this Mayor is out there constantly promoting himself like he is the almighty savior. What exactly has he done to improve the lives of the people of Paterson?

    • Mike Jone

      he has done more than Torres and the others. locking up all these drug dealers, it will take some time but wait it's coming. Passaic was just like Paterson at one time now it much better. it took some time because the dealers are fighting back, you realize that all the towns (e orange, Irvington,etc. come here to sell?

      • Truth Serum

        He had nothing to do with the drug arrests. Most of those were done by the State Attorney General's Office in coordination with the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office. What exactly has this Mayor done? What initiatives have he put in place to help the people of Paterson? What has he done other than make sure he lined the pockets of his political cronies and promote himself?

  • bigron

    Two years too late.

    • Truth Serum


  • HankMorgan

    Sure it’s too little too late. But no worries! It’s only twenty-five, it’s just on a trial basis, and it may well be considered unsuccessful. Get the feeling that Paterson popo don’t want cameras?

  • John

    This Mayor should have a body cam put on himself. Especially when florio, it.would be very interesting