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Paterson stations mobile command post at site of weekend shooting


A police mobile command center has been stationed at the violent street corner where five people were wounded in a shooting over the weekend.

Public safety director Jerry Speziale said the command post will be stationed at the site until mid-April. He said it will be manned by a pair of police officers 24 hours a day. He said there are also cameras at the Carroll-Governor intersection to deter criminal activity and violence.

Police mobile command post on Carroll Street near Governor Street.

Police mobile command post on Carroll Street near Governor Street.

Speziale said police have prioritized the seizure of illegal guns to stop the next shooting. Police seized 21 guns in January and another 26 in February, said mayor Andre Sayegh during a press conference at the corner on Tuesday morning. Last year, police seized 200 illegal guns, said the mayor.

“Those are staggering numbers,” said Speziale. “Illegal guns jeopardize our community.”

Speziale said police are also strengthening the so-called Extra Protection Initiative, which targets the crime hotspots seven days a week, and the Ceasefire Unit. Ceasefire Unit was usually off on Sundays and Mondays, said Speziale.

“We filled that gap, so they are seven days a week now,” said Speziale.

Sayegh said there has been an uptick in gun violence all over New Jersey and the United States.

“The uptick in gun violence is not anything that’s unique to Paterson — it’s nationwide. We all know that,” said police chief Ibrahim “Mike” Baycora.

Baycora said the mobile command post will give the community a “sense of comfort and reassurance.” He said he is also working on an initiative to increase police visibility.

Officials urged residents to come forward with information about shooting incidents.

“We can’t do this alone. We need the cooperation of the community,” said Sayegh.

“Our police department is working very hard, but they need your help. They need the community’s help,” said councilwoman Ruby Cotton, who represents the 4th Ward, where the shooting took place.

Councilman Michael Jackson and several others stood across the street from where the mayor was hosting his press conference. Jackson heckled Sayegh and some other speakers.

“The community needs us!” shouted Michael Jackson.

“It’s unacceptable to see mothers and fathers having to have wakes and funerals for young kids. My God, when are we going to stop? We have to say no to violence,” said councilwoman Maritza Davila. “Mayor, we need you to take action.”

“What has he done?” shouted Jackson.

Jackson later said seizing guns is not enough. “The same vehicle that’s bringing these guns in will bring in more,” he said.

Jackson suggested Sayegh has been ineffective in tackling crime and violence in Paterson. Murders reached a 31-year high last year.

“It’s embarrassing. He should be embarrassed,” Jackson told reporters after the mayor’s press conference.

Sayegh and Speziale said two new police initiatives are in the works to tackle street violence. They said both initiatives will be announced before the summer.

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  • john craze

    Why would some members of the City Council heckle the Mayor, Police Chief and the Public Safety Director at a press conference about injured citizens in the City they where chosen to represent as a councilperson? This is disgraceful behavior of elected officials who should be united in this effort to control senseless shootings and crimes.

    • bigron

      The mayor controls the council leadership. Mr. Jackson does not have another avenue to express his anger and frustration at the mayor's incompetence.

      • john craze

        The Mayor does not control the Council leadership or members. Does the President control the Senate? No!

        This was not the time and place to heckle the Mayor or the Public Safety Leadership. It's a time to come together and address the unfortunate violent crimes happening in this huge city!

  • http://Patersontimes.com Limbaugh

    Michael Jackson is an agitator but soon he will be in jail.


      Along with Mendez and Mayor McCheese once he crosses his boss Florio.


    Why is the only police substation located in South Paterson???????????????????????????????????????

  • John

    I usually don't agree with politicians in Paterson but Jackson is 100% right here. This Mayor is a disgrace and should be ashamed and resign. In the private world he would have been fired. In Paterson Patersonians praise him. Hopefully he gets fired and arrested

  • John

    This religion pleaser put a sub police.station in South Paterson, um I wonder why.