Likely shooter of Wayne teenager arrested | Paterson Times

Likely shooter of Wayne teenager arrested


A second arrest has been made in the murder case of Isaac Rinas, the Wayne teenager, who was shot in the neck and killed on Fair Street, according to Paterson Police.

Bishma Cowan, 24-year-old, was arrested Sunday afternoon, and charged with murder and robbery. Police have yet to clarify whether the 3rd man who climbed inside the back seat of the 18-year-old’s vehicle was Mr Cowan; from the murder charge levied against the captured suspect it seems likely that, it was Mr Cowan who pulled the trigger on Fair Street.

On Friday, police arrested a friend of Mr Rinas, the slain teenager, Casey Cole, 18, who was charged with conspiracy among other charges; based on the charges many have speculated that Mr Cole might have plotted the whole incident in order to inflict harm on his friend, which inevitably lead to to the untimely death of Mr Rinas on the June 26th, 2013.

The police and the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office continue to investigate the incident.

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