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Killer arrested in Isaac Rinas murder


A third man has been arrested in the murder case of Isaac Rinas, according to Paterson Police.

Quashon Faircloth, 27-year-old, of Paterson, was arrested by police early Tuesday morning. Mr Faircloth is the shooter in the incident, according to police.

On Wednesday, Isaac Rinas, 18, of Wayne, and his friend Casey Cole, 18, also of Wayne; went to Fair and East 18th Streets, at around 9pm to buy a hand gun, say police.

Bishma Cowan, the man who was arrested on Sunday in connection to the murder, was in touch with Mr Cole; the two planned for Mr Rinas to be robbed as soon as he arrived in Paterson.

“Mr. Rinas and Mr. Cole were directed to wait on Fair St., by the corner of E. 18th St. While parked Mr. Faircloth entered the car that Mr. Rinas was operating and a robbery occurred. Mr. Faircloth ordered Mr. Cole out of the vehicle. Mr. Cole exited the vehicle as ordered by Mr. Faircloth and a few moments later Mr. Faircloth exited the vehicle. Mr. Rinas exited the vehicle shortly after Mr. Faircloth and was shot one time once outside the car. Mr. Rinas was struck on the neck and died from his injuries,” according to police.

After arriving in the city on Wednesday, it was Mr Faircloth, who entered the backseat of Mr Rinas vehicle. And it was he, who eventually shot and killed Mr Rinas.

Mr Faircloth, who was arrested at 1:15am on Tuesday, has been charged with murder.

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