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School board member Teague reconsiders resignation, says he will serve out his term


After publicly posting his resignation letter, school board member Corey Teague has changed his mind about leaving his board of education post two-month before it expires.

Teague said many have urged him to finish his term which expires in January of next year. “I got an immediate rush from community to finish my term,” he said.

“Don’t just walk away,” he said people were telling him. Teague said he has been flooded with messages on social media and has received many phone calls from supporters telling him to continue serving on the board until his term ends.

Teague submitted his resignation letter just hours after a defeat at the polls yesterday. He could not secure the needed votes for a second term. Longtime school board member Errol Kerr also became the victim of voter dissatisfaction on Tuesday.

Kerr received 2,148 votes while Teague got 2,101, according to unofficial election results.

City voters elected three new school board members: Kevin Michael Henry, Nakima Redmon, and Oshin Castillo.

Redmon received the largest number of votes with 2,851 ballots. Castillo finished second with 2,615 votes. Henry unexpectedly came in third with 2,601 ballots.

Jesus Castro received the lowest number of votes. He captured 1,565 ballots.

School board president Jonathan Hodges also contacted the board member on Wednesday morning to convince him to remain on the board.

“He may change his mind on that,” Hodges said about an hour before Teague rescinded his resignation announcement.

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