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School board raises Paterson superintendent’s pay by 15 percent


The school board increased superintendent Eileen Shafer’s base salary by 15 percent on Wednesday afternoon.

Board members voted 7-0 to amend Shafer’s contract to increase her base pay from $233,000 to $267,900.

Under the revised employment contract, which runs from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022, the school board is eliminating Shafer’s merit pay. Under the old arrangement, Shafer had to meet all of the merit goals to earn the $35,000. The revised contract gives her that amount without her having to meet merit goals every year.

Shafer also receives a $1,200 transportation allowance under the revised contract.

“It’s really a pay cut,” said school board president Kenneth Simmons. The resolution making the changes to the contract states Shafer is forfeiting $50,000 in income over the next two years by giving up merit pay, longevity, and annual salary increases.

Simmons, Emanuel Capers, Oshin Castillo, Jonathan Hodges, Manny Martinez, Nakima Redmon, and Corey Teague voted in favor. Vincent Arrington abstained. Joel Ramirez was absent.

Hodges said he voted with “great reluctance.” He had voted against appointing Shafer as superintendent in 2018 because of the questionable search process that led to her selection.

Hodges and Capers said the Board of Education had agreed to make the public aware of all the changes in the revised contract.

“It had to come out before we voted. That has not taken place,” said Hodges.

Simmons explained why the finer details of the revisions were not made public.

“It was a legal concern because it was a personnel matter that actually had not been decided yet,” said Simmons. “If we had released anything it could have actually changed.”

Shafer took office after former state-appointed district superintendent Donnie Evans resigned in 2017. She had been Evans’ deputy. Her tenure as superintendent has been a rocky one. Graduation rates have dropped two years in a row. Academic improvements have been stagnant. And she has filed tenure charges against a popular gym teacher for, among other things, ostensible libel and slander.

The board’s amendment to the contract states the revisions are being made because of “significant progress” that the superintendent has made since taking the district’s top job.

Paterson remains academically one of the lowest performing districts in New Jersey.

The school district was also woefully unprepared when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Schools were closed for three months. Most students lacked computer devices to receive an online education.

Shafer distributed Chromebooks to high school students in late April. Thousands of elementary school students were without devices. The school district is hoping to get every student a device before the start of the new school year.

School board members rejected her request to extend the contract by another year, according to multiple sources.

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  • Eric B. McKenzie

    Totally unacceptable !!!
    Raise for what ?
    That's money that could have been used to get the necessary equipment and supplies for the Students.
    avoid layoffs, and pay some salaries for teachers who actually do the job.

  • bigron

    BOE is packed with fools. You have Simmons that was in the MUA with Erick Lowe. You have Martinez that's too ugly to get a girl so sexually harasses them. You have Castillo that worked as a bank teller. I can go on and on. Shafer needs to be fired for her foolishness not given a raise.

  • HankMorgan

    “Paterson remains academically one of the lowest performing districts in New Jersey. Graduation rates have dropped two years in a row. Academic improvements have been stagnant. And she has filed tenure charges against a popular gym teacher for, among other things, ostensible libel and slander.”

    And this justifies a pay raise? Shafer is a greedy loser.

  • John Brown

    Another pay Increase?!.. let's see how she handles the coming school year.
    Before she gets dime SMH.

  • Justice Forall

    This Superintendent’s greatest successes come from her ability to keep her head down, manage by committee, avoid controversy by never making a serious decision, and allowing local politicians to use the district as a feeding trough, and for all of this lack of vision and leadeshe has received promotion after promotion and has now managed a 15% raise. The members of this BOE should be ashamed of their decision to give this Superintendent this raise when she runs a district which is a fiscal disaster, where graduation rates have fallen, where teachers are being furloughed, and when this city and this state are in a financial crisis.

  • saintdubu

    What exactly has she done? Y'all keep giving her money while she's doing nothing. The School district is…. literally at its worth like its always been… she hasn't done anything to deserve a raise.

  • MarquinhoGaucho

    The only good thing she did was call out the charters causing the district's fiscal woes. Then the BOE who is in the charter lobby's deep pockets made her shut up really quick and made her March with them for the cameras. Other than that she has been a failure. Schools and alternative programs close because the funds go to charters hence the decline in graduation rates. Not enough chromebooks because the money goes to charters and Manny Martinezes and Danny from Paterson science charters victims even though Ilearn is a multimillion dollar company. They are all corrupt and should be locked up. Where is the FBI?

  • John

    I know many students who basically were.handed a monthly packet and said here and.good.and.basically good bye with no on line. And for the ones on line ots basically nothing. Total waste. Congratulations Paterson. Patersonians deserve the worst

  • http://www.facebook.com/animalabusewar Animal Abuse War

    #fireeileenshafer no raise!fire her. Yoy just need to interact with 95% of Paterson "children" to see the job she's doing. Is she getting a raise for ensuring the little street thugs continue to curse,destroy property,disrespect,break bottles on people's sidewalks,then assault the adult who hands them a broom & dustpan, asking them to clean it up. You're damn right I whooped his ass. Maybe if his trash mother raised him as a normal human, he would act like one. But if the garbage parents fail, you would think the schools and ALL involved would pick up and teach them manners, responsibility, etc, instead of allowing this disgusting behaviour in schools. So tell me again why this idiot is getting a big raise? Apparently she's as corrupt as the majority of employees in this city. Whatever she's doing to get that raise is definitely not because she's doing a great job with the students.

    • HankMorgan

      I couldn’t agree more with the last sentence of your comment.