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6 Passaic County teenagers arrested for running social media child pornography sites


Four boys and two girls have been arrested for allegedly distributing hundreds of images of child pornography on social media sites, said Passaic County prosecutor Camelia Valdes on Thursday morning.

Valdes said the 4 boys and 2 girls ages 13 to 16 are all Passaic County residents. She said three of them ran two social media sites called “P-Paterson Purge” and “P-Passaic Purge” which were used to disseminate explicit images of other teenagers.

Three girls – 2 from Paterson (13 and 15) and 1 from North Haledon (15) – had their nude images posted on the sites. The victims voluntarily shared photos of themselves with their boyfriends or others they were interested in, who sent the images to the three individuals running the social media sites and the images ultimately went public.

“The victims did not consent to their pictures going public,” said Valdes. She said this is a cautionary tale for those who share explicit images.  “The bottom line is do not share pictures of yourself on the internet or elsewhere especially if you are a young person. “

She urged victims who find explicit pictures of themselves posted on the internet to contact law enforcement.

The three victims in this case notified law enforcement that started a yearlong investigation on December 2015. Investigation involved the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office and police departments from Paterson and North Haledon.

Police charged the three teenagers – a 14 year boy and two 15 year old girls — who created the social media accounts with four child pornography charges. Each host teen was charged with distribution, maintaining, and possession of child pornography. They were also charged with cyber harassment, said the prosecutor.

“The two sites were taken down almost as soon as law enforcement learned of their existence. Regretfully, there are similar sites popping up especially with the word ‘purge’ in them,” said the prosecutor. She said these sites are being used by elementary, middle, and high school students.

Authorities would not say which social media network was being used to distribute the images. She said the Paterson site had 1,300 followers while the Passaic site had 3,000. She said the hosts would send messages that read: “DM us nudes,” and “Community full of thots. Will start exposing at 7:30.”

The three teens – three boys ages 14 and 15 — who provided the hosts with the images were charged with invasion of privacy, cyber harassment, distribution of child pornography, and possession of child pornography, said authorities.

Authorities said all six were arrested in the past few weeks, processed, and released to their parents. Three hosts face 11 years and the three providers face 8 years of custodial sentences, authorities said.

Authorities executed search warrants and conducted forensic examination of devices.

“Juveniles and the public should know when they are active on social media they leave behind a digital foot print that can lead law enforcement right to them,” said the prosecutor.

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  • Frank Chimento

    I just wish the author of this article would spend a little more time proofreading.

  • Frank Chimento

    "She urged victims who find explicit pictures of themselves posted on the internet to contact law enforcement."

    How pathetic. As if allowing 'explicit pictures' of themselves to even exist at all is acceptable teen behavior.

  • UltimateIndictment

    Teenagers have become the major makers of CP. Statistics reveal adolescents outnumbered middle-aged men 2 to 1 as main offenders in CP production. Youths 10 to 14 were among the alleged offenders with sexting videos which are self-produced videos, and images the kids are producing with the cell phone and computer cam’s their parents bought them and they are doing it right from their bedrooms because their parents believe in privacy or they are too lazy to care. ( The Heraldsun (2008). "Making child pornography is now kids' stuff."). Each case cost 10's of thousands of TAX dollars to investigate and MILLIONS to incarcerate and since we are broke it goes on the national credit card your children will have to pay for; now that's child abuse.

  • UltimateIndictment

    They are ruining kids lives for doing the same thing they did with a polaroid cameras . Perhaps parents should allow their kids to be kids and chill their cognitive dissonance when they remember when they were a kid and shake with horror because the kid’s tare doing all the a** hole things they did with a Polaroid camera. Guess what they are !! What this CP Inquisition has exposed is a whole new group of individuals from whom to collect money where the LEGAL system thrives. Prosecutors talk about their CP Gothic Melodrama arrests and then Traffic those arrested in front of the MEDIA for personal gain taking advantage of the opportunity because it wins votes, substantially increases contributions, and grants and it keeps the people scared. Wasn't it just last year they were locking up puffs up now if you say a derogatory comment about homosexuals you're not politically correct. Those with an agenda can so easily manipulate the whole issue of sex. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has turned a declining social problem into a national epidemic. Child Sexual Abuse is best recognized by trained professionals, concerned neighbors, good friends, close relatives and most of all Parents, school teachers, and school counselors. The job left too the law enforcement branch of, NCMEC the government's child charity and free of Freedom of Information Act reporting is very dangerous. NCMEC has devoted its existence to stoking the flames of sex panic and should not be in control.

    According to David Finkelhor director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center, University of New Hampshire and a leading expert on child sexual abuse says child sexual abuse is down 60%. Finkelhor says he sees the moral weight of the current CP law, but not the empirical proof; he believes the LAW should be based on empirical proof stating, "Shouldn't there at least be a VICTIM?".

  • MarquinhoGaucho