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19 charged with drug offenses in Paterson’s weekly sweep


Police arrested 19 people in their citywide weekly drug sweep and seized more than 750 glassines of heroin, said police director Jerry Speziale.

Police seized 754 glassines of heroin, 15 baggies of crack-cocaine, 17 Xanax pills, 5 baggies of marijuana, 4 vials of marijuana, and 5 baggies of powdered cocaine from January 17th through 23rd, 2017.

$2,602 in cash was seized during the sweep, said the director.

Arrested were city residents Tyrone Bennett, 54, of 17th Avenue; James E. Green​, 49, of Ellison Street; Issac N. Coleman, 55, of Governor Street; Derek M. Pitts, 51, of East 23rd Street; Lashawn S. Jackson, 42, of East Main Street; Ihamir White aka “I-Double,” 23, of Jefferson Street; Rajaheem S. Alston, 20, of North 7th Street; Jayson Scott, 19, of East 26th Street; Choice T. Neely, 39, of East 18th Street; Priscilla A. Boland, 27, of East 27th Street; Alsavius J. White, 19, of Rosa Parks Boulevard; Jose Omar Valerio-Velez, 38, of Market Street; Edwin Acosta, 40, of Pennington Street; and Abel Angles aka “Flaco,” 20, of Market Street.

Also arrested were Gabriel A. Moyet, 25, of Fair Lawn; Robert Howell’s aka “Bobby,” 61, of Hackensack; Josiah B. Chaplain, 25, of West Milford; David Loftus aka “Dave,” 27, of Hewitt; and Colton R. Chalkley, 27, of Wanaque.

Bennett and Moyet were arrested on Hamilton Avenue and Lake Street on Jan. 17, 2017. Police accused Bennett of having 1 glassine of heroin and Moyet of having 9.

Police arrested Green ​with 2 baggies of crack-cocaine and 17 Xanax pills on the same day on Summer and Van Houten Streets, said police. He was charged with eight drug offenses.

Howell, Coleman, Chaplain, Pitts, and Jackson were caught on Jan. 18, 2017 at 189 Governor Street.

Coleman, Chaplain, Pitts, and Jackson were charged with six drug offenses. Police said Coleman, Chaplain, Pitts, and Jackson had 240 glassines of heroin and 6 baggies of crack-cocaine.

$120 was taken from Chaplain and $287 from Pitts, said police.

Howell was charged with having 11 glassines of heroin, said police.

White was arrested with 150 glassines of heroin and 4 vials of marijuana at 113 Jefferson Street on Jan. 19, 2017. Police also seized $480 in suspected drug money.

Alston, Loftus, Chalkley, and Scott were arrested on the same day at 126 Belmont Avenue.

Alston was charged with three drug offenses for having 37 glassines of heroin. Loftus and Chalkley were each charged with having 2 glassines of heroin that both allegedly bought from Scott, said police.

Police said Scott was charged with eight drug offenses. He had 162 glassines of heroin and 7 baggies of crack-cocaine. Police also took $555 in drug money from him.

Neely, Boland, and White were arrested at 253 Broadway on Jan. 23, 2017.

Neely was charged with four drug offenses for having 44 glassines of heroin. $248 in drug money was taken from Neely.

Boland and White were each charged with four drug offenses for having 100 glassines of heroin. $207 was taken from Boland and $705 from White.

Valerio-Velez, Acosta, and Angles were arrested at 472 Market Street. Valerio-Velez allegedly had 2 baggies of marijuana; Acosta had 5 baggies of powdered cocaine; and Angles had 3 baggies of marijuana, said police.

“The men and women of the narcotics division will continue to vigorously pursue illegal drug activity within our city,” said Speziale.