Paterson police nab four, seize handgun in drug bust | Paterson Times

Paterson police nab four, seize handgun in drug bust


Detectives arrested three people from Paterson and one from Haledon during a drug bust in a gang controlled area well-known for violence and drugs on Tuesday evening seizing a loaded handgun and an assortment of drugs.

City residents arrested were Jaqueese Porter, 28, of Jefferson Street; Ryan Parker, 31, of Belmont Avenue; Nahseir Meyers, 18, of Arch Street; and Yanice Greene, 27, of Lee Avenue in Haledon.

This area — Jefferson and North Main Streets — is known to drug dealers and gang members as “The Main.” The FBI identified the area as controlled by a subset of the Bloods street gang.

Police setup surveillance at the area at about 7:52 p.m. that led to the arrests. 15 bags of marijuana, 19 Ecstasy, and 5 Oxycodone pills were seized in the bust. A 9mm C9 Hi-Point handgun with 8 live rounds was seized as well.

Porter has been charged with six drug offenses. He was also charged with resisting arrest for running from detectives, said police.

Parker was charged with five weapons and drug offenses; he was also charged with attempted murder for his involvement in a shooting on North 1st Street. He had a fully loaded defaced handgun on his waist, said police.

Meyers was charged with loitering with intent to commit a drug offense; Greene was charged with having 2 baggies of marijuana, said police.

“The narcotics division has intensified its pressure on those dealing illegal narcotics within our city,” said police director Jerry Speziale.