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Paterson department heads told to make ‘extreme cuts’ to their budgets

Paterson department heads told to make ‘extreme cuts’ to their budgets

The city’s business administrator in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning told department directors to make “extreme cuts.” This as the city faces an undisclosed budget shortfall for the 2018 fiscal year.


City wants to bar downtown Paterson motorists from making right turn on red

The city is seeking to forbid motorists from making right turn on red light in the downtown Paterson commercial business area to improve safety for pedestrians. The governing body on Tuesday granted preliminary approval to bar drivers from making right turns on red at 16 intersections, mostly in downtown Paterson.


‘I’m up for the job,’ says Paterson’s next mayor Jane Williams-Warren

After the city council selected her to fill the seat vacated by disgraced mayor Jose “Joey” Torres, retired city clerk Jane Williams-Warren on Monday afternoon said she is looking forward to meeting with department directors and other city officials to run the municipal government for the next eight months.


Possible pick for Paterson mayor was censured by state supreme court

Charles Thomas, the former business administrator under ex-mayor Jeffery Jones, who is being floated as a possible fill-in for seat vacated by mayor Jose “Joey” Torres, was censured by the New Jersey Supreme Court Disciplinary Review Board, according to state government documents.