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Free Dinner Plus Lunch And Phone Charging

Patersonians in need of warm dinner and lunch are asked to visit East Side High School, where hot meals will be provided; in 2 branches of Paterson Public Library individuals will be able to charge their phones or other chargeable device while remaining warm inside a heated library room with books.

Electricity Outages Hit Paterson

Families across Paterson have lost power — including your correspondent –; Public Electric Service & Gas (PSE&G) says well over 40 thousand have lost power in Passaic County. We have received outage information from about 30 Patersonians from various parts of the city.

State of Emergency Declared For Paterson

Mayor Jeffery Jones and Council President Anthony Davis declared a state of emergency for Paterson. On a channel 77 announcement which is only available on Cablevision and is also uploaded onto Youtube, the mayor said, “the winds, rains, and potential floodings are a grave concern,” stressing similar points as governor Governor Chris Christie.