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Paterson voters’ guide for Election Day 2018

Paterson voters’ guide for Election Day 2018

The city’s voters will pick their next mayor and three at-large council members on Tuesday. Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Candidates for mayor: Alex Mendez Andre Sayegh Pedro Rodriguez Alex Cruz Michael Jackson William McKoy Cast an informed vote by reading our coverage of the 2018 Paterson mayoral race. Candidates


Maritza Davila, sole incumbent in Paterson at-large council race, runs on a mixed record

Councilwoman Maritza Davila vowed to continue making “tough decisions” on behalf of residents if re-elected on Election Day next week. Her recent tough decision was supporting a budget in late March that had a 2.6-percent tax increase.


Former three-term Paterson school board member Juan ‘Mitch’ Santiago runs for at-large council seat

Juan ‘Mitch’ Santiago, who served three terms on the school board, has grown tired of the corruption in the Silk City, forcing him to return to politics. He is running a campaign as a “clean cut” politician promising to ensure basic services are provided to residents.


Alex Mendez and Zellie Thomas get top spots on Paterson ballot

Councilman Alex Mendez landed the top spot on the mayoral section while Zellie Thomas is number one on the council at-large portion of the May municipal election ballot. Both men received the top spots following a lottery at City Hall on Monday morning.