City Politics


Preliminary approval expected for eight downtown loading zones

After two months of discussions on a proposal that would create two loading zones per block, one on each side of the street for every block from Broadway to Smith Street, the city council is slated to preliminarily approve eight commercial loading zones in the city’s downtown business district.


City officials discuss sewer utility proposal to spread costs equally to all users

City homeowners pay much more in sewer fees compared to property owners in surrounding towns who connect to the municipality’s sewer system, an “inequity” the municipality intends to address by creating a sewer utility which would set standard rates for all users instead of relying on outdated contracts that go back almost a century.

Police News


City police help U.S. Marshals Service arrest halfway house escapee

A month and half after escaping from a Newark halfway house, Charles Umstead, 22, who was convicted of an aggravated assault with weapon, city police assisted the United States Marshals Service regain custody of the escapee on Friday, said police director Jerry Speziale.


Three arrested on drug charges in city’s Northside

Passaic County Sheriff’s detectives followed a suspected drug dealer selling from a vehicle at the intersection of North 10th Street between Temple Street and Belmont Avenue to arrest one other alleged dealer and a buyer on Thursday, according to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik.